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Group Coaching Program
Imagine this, you have a powerful signature offer that your clients rave about, an offer that sells itself, an offer that is EXACTLY what your people want.
Your Signature Offer is the course, program or package that your business becomes known for... instead of coming up with a new offer here and there, you perfect this offer over and over making it your most magical offering that
#1 gets results for your clients
#2 does the selling for you.
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Here's what might be happening in your new business

You have everything in order, you have a website, you have your pricing figured out and everything is set to go but... crickets.

You are posting on social media, telling people you have a business but... crickets.

This can be sooooo frustrating. Where are the clients?

Here's the thing that most entrepreneurs skip right over when they are building their new business... creating an offer that does the selling for you and in order to create an offering that your people are jumping at, you must understand what your people want and create a solution for them.

And that is where this group coaching program comes in.

Introducing : An Offer They Can't Refuse

An Intensive 4 Week Group Coaching Program- Every Saturday in March

1 Hour Class- 1 Hour Implementation and Coaching

Class starts Saturday March 6th at 9am-11am PST.

All classes will be recorded for easy playback.

Week 1:

Discovery- What do my people want

Before we create any offer, we MUST be clear about what our people want, the problem we are solving for them and the solution. We'll work through building a copy and data bank along with getting clarity about your ideal customer needs.

Week 2:

Create a banging offer that sells & Sales Page development (website)

This is the week where we map out your offer together, we will walk through your offer as a group and you'll get personalized guidance on building, creating, naming and pricing your offer.

Bonus: You'll be given a video to walk you through building a sales page for your website that packages your offer up perfectly for your ideal customer.

Week 3:

Create a 30 Day Marketing plan for your offer

How has it been working to randomly just tell people that you are a coach or consultant online? Probably not that great. Let's build a 30 day marketing plan that is completely customized to your business. We'll take you from wondering what to do every day, to having a clear unshakeable plan that you can stick with for 30 days straight. That means no more picking up freebies on FB from week to week. We are making a real marketing plan for you that will keep you LAZER FOCUSED and 

Week 4:

Create your sales funnel

This is the part where your offer comes to life! We'll work through building an email sales funnel to match your marketing plan. We'll walk through building a nurture campaign (I know fancy marketing lingo) that backs up your offering and continually drives website visitors through an experience that guides them to get to know you, understand your offering and ultimately turn lurkers into clients.

Having an offer that you've built with your heart and soul and a desire to serve your people is going to be a GAME CHANGER.

Are you ready?

Payment Options

Option 1: Pay in Full


Option 2:

Two payments of $350

Class starts Saturday March 6th at 9am-11am PST.

All classes will be recorded for easy playback.