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... let's cut straight to it, you need clients.

 We all do. Being in business means you make money, otherwise it's a hobby that steals all your time and energy, and who needs that?


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running your own business feels like this

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.. but right now it  feels like this

The good news is, you DON'T have to do this alone. It can be scary and frustrating to build a business by yourself. What should I be working on? When will I sign my next client? But here's the thing, you were never looking to become a master marketer or business guru, you just wanted to stand your business up, get clients and do the work you enjoy. I want you to know that help is here. Let's create a website that sells your services, let's build business infrastructure that nurtures potential leads and yes, let's work together to get this done once and for all.


I'm a business and marketing coach/consultant and my absolute dream is to help you stand up a powerful business that helps make this world a better place and for the love of Pete, makes you money.

From tattoos to live music, I'm the kind of girl you'll find jumping up and down at the front stage of a rock show. I'm a philanthropist at heart, co-creating & building a non-profit in Kenya during my 20's (I'm 41 now, how did that happen) and I'm also the President of Voices of Our City Choir a San Diego based non-profit where we use the power of the arts to help people experiencing homelessness to heal and move forward in their lives (check out the choir on America's Got Talent). With over 15 years in Marketing, Business Development and Project Management, I decided to add Coaching to the mix so I could help people just like you, do the work you want to do in this world.

As a high school drop out from a small town in Texas, I'm a firm believer that all of the "you must have this and that" fancy thing in order to be successful is complete and utter BS. I also don't believe that just because you want something really bad it will happen. I DO believe that businesses exist to solve problems. I want to help you get clear about the problem you solve and develop your services around solving that problem for the people who need it most. Building a business takes guts, gumption and a skill that you are proud to showcase. Let's build your dream.

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