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The Kindred Business Community

Build,Create and Grow 

your coaching business

Let's be honest, you want clients

but instead you are getting so much information coming at you from all the different places on the internet promising you that you need this or that. It can get so overwhelming as a new and growing coach... I mean, how did you get here? You just wanted to create a business that would help people and now you are lost in the sea of information and free downloads with little to no clients... Sound familiar?

You are starting to feel like maybe this isn't for you? Wondering how you will have a real life business and a bit unsure of what you 'should' be doing from week to week to create your business.

And I'm over here jumping up and down begging you not to quit. It's not you, it's the pulling everything from everywhere all over the internet that is getting you nowhere. Listen building business is not a get rich quick scheme, it's called building because you are actually building something. Imagine stacking blocks on top of each other.

Want to get focused? Want to get clear? Let's work together to create steps that are actionable so you can start seeing growth.


What if you could get everything you need in one place?

Ok but what if.....

You could get what you REALLY need?

  • A coach and consultant that you can actually afford as a new coach  yourself.

  • Learn how to create clients for your business.

  • Developing the structure and processes that your business needs so that you stay out of burn out and your focus moves to marketing and sales techniques that point your clients into programs that THEY REALLY want.

  • Learning HOW to actually build and grow a business.

  • WEEKLY- Monday morning LIVE goal and intention setting with your community 9am PST.

  • One monthly ASK MINDY ANYTHING Business Coaching and Consulting Session. 4pm PST Thursdays

  • Monthly Goal Setting Sessions LIVE

  • Accountability and Community as you take each step in your business.


Introducing The Kindred Business Community for Coaches

I can't wait to help you build and grow

your business.

I’m on a mission to help people that have never created a business to go from amateur to pro. I want to help you feel SUPER flipping confident about your gifts and how you can package those little goodies up and create services that your dream clients say a big firm HECK YES! to.

I want to teach you how, I want to show you that it's possible.Join me in The Kindred Community 

Let's Do this! 

Here's what you get:

The Knowledge


From creating and growing your email list, organizing your calendar and creating your signature programs. Get the info you need all in one place to grow your coaching business and create offers for your dream clients.Learn how to extend offers and get in front of your ideal clients.

The Accountability


Every Monday morning we have a business goal and intention setting ceremony on Zoom. Bring your journal and take a moment to tap into your heart and hear your dream, reconnect with the vision of your business. This is a MUSICAL zoom session. I use music and coaching to help you create your vision for the week ahead. (This alone is worth the membership) It's a favorite amongst the members. (One week every month will be a pre-recorded goal setting session)

The  Support


YES! Bring what you are working on, share it right there on the screen and get my help and coaching. Be it website content, marketing plans, clarity around your ideal clients, ideas for creating more clients all LIVE on Zoom. Recorded for easy playback to implement. 

The  Community


You are in a community full of coaches and consultants that are growing too. Our own private online community space is the perfect place to share ideas, ask for feedback and celebrate your coaching wins.

Bonus: Access to my top courses

starting Jan 4th

Ready to ditch all the
get rich quick schemes and just learn how to grow a real long term business?
6 Month Business Mentorship Program starts Jan 25th 2021

-Monday Morning Goal and Intention Setting  LIVE on Zoom 9am PST

-Monthly Group Coaching and Consulting with Mindy 4pm PST 

-Virtual Online Community and Private Facebook Group

-My FIVE most popular virtual Coaching Courses (Available Jan 4th):

-BONUS: Monthly Goal Setting Session LIVE on Zoom at the end of each month so you can plan and plot out your up-coming month.

Your Investment in Your Dream: $997(paid in full)

Payment options:


All plans include one BONUS 60 Minute Coaching/Consulting Session if purchase by 12/11

Pay in full $997

Best Value

3 payments of

$ 350

6 monthly payments of


The Kindred Live group meetings help me get fired up and focused. I have created a website and am expanding my business. 

- Julie Peckham, Education and College Prep Coach

The Kindred Business Community is the right mix of encouragement, motivation, and accountability that I needed to help me feel confident when I started my business. Each Monday morning, I look forward to joining Mindy and the other women in the group and learn new ways to grow and sustain my business. Mindy is so knowledgeable and does a great job of modeling for us how to set boundaries, how to be authentically you, how to take care of yourself and still get your work done! If you are needing support in growing your business with women who are value-oriented, fun, and hardworking, then this is the group for you! 

-Tyler Brewington, Life Coach

I just wanted to thank Mindy for all she does for us. The hard work she puts in saves us HOURS of time and "learning the hard way." We are truly grateful. God has really blessed us with you.

- Lisa Kiltz (Arise Wellness Solutions)

It is a pleasure to work with Mindy! I love that she takes time to explain things to me and helps me work through the frustrations of building a new business.  One of my favorite things that Mindy does is her how to videos that are so helpful.

I would recommend Mindy to anyone who is looking for coaching, business development support, website development and marketing.  I don’t know what I would do without her!

- Bonnie Weiss (Center for Christian Coaching

Want some weekly motivation? I thought you'd never ask.

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