One month of kick ass ACTION to

build, grow and sell so your new business

can go from starting to crushing it.

OK, You are building your new business and every week you feel ALONE and UNSURE 

You know you need support but you can't afford one on one coaching.

Things you do know:

-You need to make money 

-You are unsure of what to do 1st next and so on

-You find yourself changing your goals every other day

-You find yourself changing your strategy every week

- You need to feel more supported


The 30 Day Business Boost

The thing you NEED most in your business is NOT watching how everyone online is growing their business, spending countless hours watching videos and implementing 3 to 4 different methods at the same time. What will work is choosing A dedicated direction and outcome and showing up every day to create that dream outcome.

I'm talking about committed and dedicated action


What it is?

A monthly coaching membership that YOU CAN AFFORD!

- See how showing up and taking inspired action can grow your business

- Make a plan for your business on how you can be more visible and more dedicated to taking actions that will create results

-Weekly goal setting and community with business owners in the same stage as you

Let's get real..
- Take a look at your business..
what's working, what isn't

-How are you showing up each week in your business

-How are people hearing about you, your work, your business

How does it work?



  • Membership includes member access to how to video's and workbooks including goal setting worksheets

  • Membership also includes private access to our Business Boost Academy FB group (no selling will be aloud in this group, just support, information, and accountability)

  • Every Monday morning there will be a LIVE!  FB session in the Business Boost Academy private FB group (8:00am PST) where we will collectively set our weekly goals led and coached by Mindy (ME!)

  • Every week we will cover tips and tools for growing your business as well as covering Self Care for Business Owners. 

  • Every week we will have social media boost moments where you can share a social post that you'd like member support on.

  • Monthly we will have a 2 Hour Live Coaching Member Call- Complete with Hot Seats so you can be personally coached live and share areas where you need support and guidance. 

  • Live recorded classes each month that can access over and over via our video library.