Break Through

  to YOU

An 8 Week Online Group Coaching Program designed to help you tap into YOU, reconnect with your dreams and passions and discover the confidence and courage to make your dreams a reality. 


Ditch the old stories and beliefs that make you say 

"I can't" and move into a world of saying "I CAN AND I WILL"

Nice to meet you!

I'm Mindy!

I'm a certified Life and Business Coach and I help women reconnect with their dreams and passions that they may have lost along the way. Here's a #TRUTHBOMB..I HATE the term Life Coach, it implies that I am better at life than others but here's the deal.. I'm a human being just like you, I'm just trained to help people GET WHAT THEY WANT FROM LIFE.

I'm a FIRM believer that each of us came to this world with a calling on our heart and a skill to match it. My super power is helping people ditch the stories, find the confidence and lift themselves up so they can SHINE. With YEARS of experience going after what I want and seeing it become a reality, I know that the same is possible for you. With over 15 years of experience building and creating business, teams, and fantasized travel all over the world turned into reality , I know in my heart of hearts that I can help you CREATE YOUR DREAM.

Let's dig into the 

Break Through

  to YOU


This program is for YOU if:

  • You feel stuck, you know you want more but the HOW keeps you in neutral each week.

  • You have an idea for something you want to create.(business, project, new career)

  • Are ready to GROW!

  • Have been busy taking care of others and have been neglecting YOU.

  • You don't play the blame game, you understand that you are responsible for creating the life you desire and you are ready to get to it.

  • Can't figure out what is keeping you stuck in old patterns.

  • Want to find your self confidence again.

  • Need to find the motivation to make changes.

  • Want to find balance, harmony and fullfilment.

  • Want to make this world a better place.

This 8 Week Program

Consists of 6 Core Teachings

Week by week we will delve into these areas. Some weeks will require time to implement so we will have weeks set for that.


Decisions are POWERFUL. When you DECIDE you are making the commitment to CREATE  YOUR FUTURE your way.


We will look at your story and find out if you are using it to hold you back and how you can leverage your personal story to inspire others and yourself.


Yeah, I said it. We are going to dig into how YOU work best and how you can set yourself up for success.


We will work every week on creating goals that will get you step by step to where you want to be and how you want to live your life.


Your beliefs make up your world. We will dig DEEP into your internal belief system to find out if your beliefs  are in alignment with your goals.


Creating routines and schedules that honor your desires and help you take care of yourself spiritually, physically and mentally will be a game changer.

The Course includes:

  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (2 Hours Each) $2000 value

  • Program workbook (downloadable pdf's each week) $500 value

  • 3 Guided Meditation videos $200 value

  • Weekly recorded video sessions for easy playback which means you can be totally present in the session and come back to the video for notes. $500 value

  • BONUS* 1 One hour Private Coaching Session with Mindy $250 Value

Total Value: $3,450

Your Investment in your transformation: $995

 This Group Coaching Program starts on Monday Sept 30th

Class will be held online via Zoom video conferencing every Monday evening from 6:30-8:30pm PST.Class will be complete on November 18th.

Break Through

  to YOU

 Please submit your application here. There are only 10 spots available and they will go quickly, so APPLY NOW. All applications are reviewed daily, we will be in touch ASAP.